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Mark Leeds is a traumatic brain injury attorney who takes a professional and personal approach to brain injury victims, and has assisted some clients for decades after the case is settled.


Recognized by his peers for ethics, acuity and courtroom skill, Mr. Leeds has the highest possible independent rating from Martindale-Hubble and is a member of ABOTA.



His opinion regarding fact patterns and prospective damage awards is frequently sought by fellow lawyers.


Brain injury cases and head injury cases can be very difficult, with injured victims often left unable to describe their own suffering.



In Mr Leeds' own words:


I am no stranger to brain injury and I have a good personal understanding of how devastating brain injury can be to brain injured accident victims and their families.

When my sister went into a coma, I felt quite helpless. Although I have many doctor friends, none of these doctors including more than ten brain and spinal cord doctors, specialists in their field at some very well respected hospitals could figure out the reasons for the coma.

At the time of this writing, and for about a year now, my sister has been in and out of her coma, and at varying degrees of consciousness.

Mr Leeds has a dear friend who was a doctor and who can no longer practice medicine because he sustained a serious head injury in an accident. For over twenty five years Mr Leeds has been there for his friend helping him through the rough times, the mood swings, the depression, the memory and concentration loss, and the medication changes, all as a result of his head injury.

I have studied the workings of the brain, and of how the brain can be affected by trauma, accident and injury.

For Mr Leeds' TBI clients, it is Mr Leeds' job to present all of the evidence about their brain injury. Many brain injured accident victims cannot easily describe the total effects of their brain injury, and sometimes the brain injury is not obvious to those having only a short interaction with the brain injured accident victim. Often, those who knew the victim before the injury must be consulted to explain what the changes in the accident victim have been.


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